Best Curative Apps for Medic’s & Practitioner’s

The people from today’s generation have become health conscious and are making efforts to stay fit. Professional medics and physicians have been doing a tremendous to keep the people healthy. People are leading a fast paced and stressful life; it has become hard for them to stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet has always the humans to stay fit and healthy.

In today’s world, real food has become days of past, people have started to have the food which is preprocessed and ready to eat. This has indirectly led to illness and consequences in one’s health. The world has adapted to the technological change of everything being in digital forms. Currently, everything is available in a digitized way and there has been an enormous amount of changes in the past one decade.

Due to the exposure of unhealthy surrounding and eating habits, people are now prone to many health issues. Medical practitioners have started to find solutions for a better health to the patient’s day are facing day in and day out. Gadgets are now in the form of smart devices; one of the most prominent devices which people are using is the smartphones.

Apps for Medic’s & Practitioner’s

Smartphones are helping millions of the populace to perform their tasks seamlessly and effortlessly. Mobile apps have become important in the world of smartphones; it is the main element in these devices. The gadgets are filled with a few native apps which have the abilities to perform basic tasks by an individual. Tech gigs have developed millions of apps for us to perform better in the things which we are doing on a regular basis.

It is important for the doctors to maintain a track of their consultations and surgeries. There is advancement happening in the medical industries, to find cures for the dreadful diseases. Medic’s need to keep themselves updated with the changes which are happening in the medical field. Here is a list of 10 best apps which will help to stay updated, information regarding medications, cures for diseases and many other things related to the field of infirmaries.


It is considered as one of the best medical apps by far suggested by the top doctors. Physicians are using this to find the information regarding drugs and the safety measures for the medications. We can even find out the details in regards to referrals for the consultations. It allows us to analyze the details of the patient, like finding out the “Body Mass Index”. Everything which is available on the app is mostly content free, if we want to access additional information, we can get the paid version at $159.99 per year for the essentials.


Social networking is another aspect which is dominant in the current trends. Doximity is one such app for the doctors to catch up with other networks, similar to that of a social media app. It is said that 40 percent of the physicians from the US are a part of this app. We can find the doctors and have conservations regarding treatments and finding out solutions for the incurable ailments of the patient. There is a requirement to sign up to be able to use this app; we can follow the information concerning the field in which we are specialized.


This is another app, which has the highest amount of downloads by the medical practitioners. It has all the information which is related to the medical and infirmaries. The app can be used as a reference tool for the proof based approvals, calculators for calculating the medical diagnosis of a particular patient. We can track the details of the “Continuing Medical Education” if we are pursuing our internship. Up To Date is accessible for the practitioners only with the subscription for the app; it starts at $499 per year/ physician.

Read By QxMD

It is an app where we can find all the journals and literature about health and health issues. There is a format in which the app has the articles in it, in the form of a magazine; we can download the details about the specialty we would like to know. The access to the journals, publications, and literature is available from multiple sources. It is a free app, but if we want to access a few journals, then we might need to get a subscription for the app.


Diagnosing a particular health issue is important for any physician to find out the underlying health condition. Isabel is an app which helps us to make sure that, the analysis which we have made for the patient is absolute and not incorrect. It has a wonderful database, which has the details of almost 6000 different diseases. We can filter the results according to the age, gender, and medical history. Isabel needs an internet connection for us to be able to use the app; the app with extra features is available at $10.99 per month and $119.99 per year.


DynaMed has the references regarding the diseases which one might be diagnosed. This app is specifically designed and developed by the physicians for the medical practitioners. It has the specialty of gathering the diagnosis of the patient outside a clinical laboratory, who is in the close proximity of where they are receiving the treatment. It also has the concise information on 3400 different topics in the medical fields with the updates of the advancement which is taking place in the present scenario.


In simple words, this app a miscellaneous app, which helps us to have the information in regards to almost everything. It has the analytical references, prescribed drug details, latest news updates in the medical field. Medscape is a complete package with the all the information which a doctor would like to have when they are at work. All we need to do is sign up with the app and we are flocked with lots of information.

Virtual Practice for Doctors

If we want to go through the details of a patient’s medical history, then this app would the right one for us to use it for this particular purpose. Virtual practice for doctors has the ability to access the Electronic Medical Records of the patient. We can interact with the patients out the infirmary and stay updated with the progress in the health condition of the patient. It also includes video chats and monitoring the patient remotely as well. Physicians will answer the questions which have been posted by the patients.

Final Thoughts

Practicing medicine has always been a noble profession, as it has helped millions of us to have a happy and healthy life. The doctors are considered as the saviors when we are in a grave health condition. They have saved lots of lives in many different ways and they are struggling to find ways to fix the health issues which the public have been facing on a regular basis.

Medic’s and physicians are the professionals who are dealing with hundreds of patients. They are prescribing medications and they need to know, the way in which it would work on the patient. The medical industry is facing multiple changes and will change drastically in the coming years as well. Treatments for the patients are done in many different ways, like homeopathy, allopathic, and natural healing process. Come on medics, go ahead, grab on the smartphones and start downloading the apps, for a healthier future of the mankind.

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